What Are The Results Like?

The resulting weight loss after a Gastric Band operation is excellent in most cases. The average weight loss at 1 year is over 41% and at 4.5 years, over 55%. The resultant reduction in BMI is around 10 units at one year and 13 units at 4.5 years. It is important to remember however, that the Gastric Band will not achieve the desired weight loss alone. The patient must change dietary and exercise habits in order to maintain the newly achieved BMI.

The first band was implanted in 1993, so the procedure has been around for some years. The band is made of silicone and this material has been used in implants for over 50 years, so the band is a safe implant to have.

However, every medical and surgical procedure has its failure rate. Around 10% of Gastric Band patients will fail due to a number of reasons. It is therefore very important to obtain correct counseling before deciding upon a Gastric Band, as well as ensuring that the patient can maintain the nutritional requirements of the procedure.