What Happens After The Operation?

After the operation, the band is allowed to settle down for around 6 weeks. At this stage, the patient attends for the first band fill. When the band is placed, a catheter is also placed with a small reservoir on the end, none of which can be seen from outside. This reservoir sits under the skin and allows the surgeon to fill the band with saline solution. Filling the band is what gives the patient the feeling of fullness and helps the patient to eat less.

It is essential that the band is adjusted to the correct level of tightness in order that the patient achieves the optimum weight loss. When correctly adjusted, the patient should feel full for a long time and normally be satisfied by small meals throughout the day. If the band is too loose, the patient will still feel hungry and require larger meals. The band fill nurse ensures in discussion with the patient that optimum weight loss is being achieved.