Introducing the Gastric Band

Bariatric, or Weight-Loss Surgery, for many years was seen to be the extreme solution for obtaining a reduction in body weight. For those patients who have repeatedly tried, without much success, to lose weight independently, maybe with pharmacological and diatetic methods and who have one or two co-morbidities (associated conditions), surgical intervention is now an accepted and common eventuality.

In addition to surgical procedures in which weight loss and disappearance of co-morbidities) is successfully obtained by preventing absorption of the carbohydrate and fat content of foods, there is the option of a number of less invasive procedures, whereby the stomach is simply reduced in size, thereby reducing the patient's intake of food.

Of course, with a smaller stomach volume, the patient feels much quicker, eats less food and therefore loses weight. One of these so-called procedures is the Gastric Band